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Ile de Re Top-class houses


The construction of the “Residences” is remarkable in all respects, consistent with the exceptional beauty of the site: the architecture, volumes offered, quality of the materials, stones, wood, roof-tiles, in the pure and genuine style of the Ré Island will add value to your estate.

Similarly to the island villages, the houses are built around a small square. 3 are facing the sea, and 1 benefits by a pedestrian lane leading to the seaside (40 m) and the other two are situated in the pinewood (100m distance from the seaside).

Combining respect of the environment, strict compliance with the new standards and use of advanced materials, the architect has successfully preserved the traditional crafts of the island. The facilities, patios, garage, court-yard constitute as many elements that will ensure your quietness and will contribute to enjoy your life.


Esquisse d'une des maisons          
Esquisse d'une des maisons